Dr. Shibani Belwalkar

Founder & CEO

Dr Shibani Belwalkar, is a leading Organizational Culture Transformation Expert and Behavioral coach. For over 15 years, MNCS across Americas, Europe, and Asia -Pacific have appreciated her impactful leadership programs. Dr. Shibani Belwalkar, Founder - Theory of Purpose is a consultant and speaker in the field of Purpose at work, a certified Facilitator in Barrett’s Values Assessment, Hogan Certified and a certified Practitioner of Happiness at Work. Her programs mix unconventional and original research frameworks centered on Purpose, delivering deep insights into practical performance drivers. Experience in the design and delivery of courses, both eLearning, experiential and blended, Shibani has gained respect for her unique style of facilitating through simplified concepts, and creative exampling. Her publications include papers on Lokasamgraha, Workplace spirituality, Gross National Happiness, and a chapter in the textbook on Talent Management by Cengage Learning. She has been quoted in the Best-selling book “The Art of Quiet Influence,” by Davis.


By nurturing a close relationship with passionate change drivers across the globe, we distill the essence of their vision into reality through every partnership we create. Having gathered widespread acclaim as a close knit, purpose driven group of invigorators, we are writing a new chapter each day as we see the vision and purpose of hundreds of people come to life in their work and their professions. Retaining core directorial talent in organizational cultures and leadership development, we now represent a growing roster of established and emerging professionals specializing in Purposeful leadership, Ikigai, Organizational cultures and change, Team Dynamics and Personal Mastery. Our team proudly includes veterans who served in the Armed Forces, psychologists, project managers, faculty, instructional designers, coaches, thought leaders and practitioners and authors. Together, we seamlessly deliver on our commitments powered by purpose.



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