Our projects range from Organization Visioning Blueprints, Change Management Initiatives, Culture Crafting and Invigorating Journeys, to Leadership and Managerial Development and Executive Coaching. Working with a range of audiences has allowed us to bring in cross functional expertise and a wealthy reservoir of experience, thus leading to rich and diversified partnerships.


A large Indian Agri - tech company wanted an identity change to reinforce customer centricity, innovation and ownership. Theory of Purpose helped re-surface their core purpose and values and identified the culture guardrails they aspired for. In partnership with the executive team, we created a new core architecture that reflected the existing needs and aspirations of employees, and crafted a solid Leadership Framework laying out the behaviors to bring the values to life.


A large Indian Technology company in the EV space enjoyed a First Mover's Advantage, but needed to build a culture around Agility and Innovation. Theory of Purpose partnered with their HR team to discover the Cultural and behavioral aspirations, the core architecture to support the aspired behaviors, and the articulation of an agile and innovative culture.


An Indian manufacturing organization faced a challenging year amidst high mounting losses and unproductive behavior, generating criticism over the existence of the organization itself. The leadership recognized the need to create a culture that inspired elevated behavior for the long term, minimizing dependence on enforcement of rules and punishments. Theory of Purpose designed and conducted a series of conversations to unearth the aspirations about the organization’s values and culture, and to create a plan of action to change the culture and mindsets in order to truly reflect the character of the company and its core values.


A Global BPO had articulated its values but needed assistance in the design of a cascading mechanism. Theory of Purpose designed and delivered a systematic program to cascade their values, create Values Ambassadors, generate acceptability and visibility and importantly, to demonstrate the behaviors which would bring the values to action.


Tell us more about your business and your leadership needs and we will recommend a range of options that are the best fit for your growth goals.